Participants who have registered online will be placed into groups of 30 according to age.

Participants registering on the day will not be guaranteed a group of similar ages.

On the day:

On arrival each participant to attend the registrations desk to:

  • be marked as participating
  • be given their number, which will be written on the back of their hand
  • collect their registration pack
  • find out which group they are in, which will be signified by a letter

15 mins prior to the lesson start time participants to line up in 2 lines at the entry point, we need to count you as you move into the area

Participants then move towards their lesson group – looking for the appropriate letter.

The lesson will then start on the siren, will run for 30 minutes and then end on the siren as well.

At the end of the lesson groups are to remain in their area until asked to leave, older age groups will leave first, then those who have guardians participating with them and then finally parents of those in year 3 to 6 will be asked to go to the appropriate group and collect their child.

All participants are asked to congregate near the club room immediately after the lesson for prize draws, raffle draws and announcements.

Time frame for the event:

2.30pm                 Registrations open, Sausage sizzle and food available, autograph
opportunities with high profile players

3.30pm                Registrations close

3.45pm                Participants start entering the arena

4pm                     Lesson starts

4.30pm                Lesson concludes

4.45pm                Prize and raffle draws

5.30pm                Sauseage sizzle and food finishes


The safety of all participants is vitally important, during the lesson there will be no hitting, tomahawks or raised sticks.

It is highly advisable to wear shin pads and mouth guards during the lesson.


Participants are asked to bring their own stick and, if possible, ball (with name on it).

If you do not own a hockey stick there will be ones you can borrow on the day.


We will all be crossing out fingers that the weather is good on the day, however the weather is one thing we can not control.

We will do everything we can to conduct the lesson however there are some factors that will meant that we can’t:

Extreme heat – if the temperature is expected to be over 34 at 4pm we will either delay the start or postpone the event to a day in the future that is yet to be determined.

Lightning/storm – if there is lightning or a fierce storm with strong winds expected at 4pm we will postpone the event to a day in the future that is yet to be determined.

In the unlikely event that we will need to cancel the event for one of these reasons a final decision will be made at midday on the 19 August and communicated to participants through email and on the Facebook page.