There are many rules that we need to adhere too to make sure the lesson qualifies. Firstly we need to have more than 509 participating, including coaches.

All players must register prior to entering the arena.

All players must be counted as they enter the arena, this will be done by forming 2 lines and passing the stewards with the clickers. Please enter in an orderly manner.

Any player leaving during the lesson must advise the steward with their group.

Please stay in the group you are assigned to.

Please stay in the area your group is assigned to.

Each group will have one steward with them (wearing a coloured bib), this person will record participants at the beginning and end of the lesson and if any participants leave during the lesson.

We must submit video and photography evidence of the lesson so each participant needs to provide us with permission (in the registration section) that they can be recorded.

There will be 2 independent witnesses who will be monitoring the event and signing all documents that rules were adhered to.